To write a good book you should have a way with words. To write great books you first live the adventure, and then communicate your discoveries with clear, simple, accounts of your exploits.


Mia Sage wrote How to Talk to Men, a brief, yet profound exploration that puts men and women on equal footing as they explore the paradox of companionship and personal freedom. Her observations advance the art of partnership to the next level, as befits the game between the sexes in the 21st Century.


Her new book, The Leapfrog Model: 64 Patterns of Innovation for Leaders, introduces a set of deep thinking equations that enables top leaders to leap ahead of other players in their field. Curiosity dissolves dissension and develops excitement and a sense of anticipation. Mia's observations blend knowledge, with disciplined curiosity and imagination. Her insights enable new discovers by building bridges of understanding between complementary disciplines. 


Leaders break new ground through innovation. Curiosity is the only construct that dissolves conflict in creative teams. It is also the force that continuously refreshes and renews the respect and appreciation between people from various disciplines. Mia Sage is the foremost researcher in the application of curious inquiry within teams and organizations.


Mia's research puts her in a category with a few great women scientists, including Margaret Mead and Jane Goodall. Like them, she lives her passion and follows her curiosity without conforming to conventional thought and academic traditions.

Harmony in partnership is the very essence of my being. My personal mission is to create prosperous global communities with men and women who value partnership, entrepreneurship and leadership. To that end I  co-created Sage University to educate entrepreneurs, and launched Sage Innovations to provide "radar" for large corporations.


My aim is to recruit, train, and collaborate with elite men and women capable of achieving their goals and transforming their dreams into reality.