Mia Sage is a specialist in human dynamics. She is a gifted peacemaker. Her constant, consistent kindness brings perspective to partnerships and teams. When great endeavors require resolution between highly intelligent people, she has the perceptiveness and the people skills to dissolve double binds and foster understanding between creative founders and the financial systems that fund them.


It takes a very perceptive, virtuous individual to repair broken connections and orchestrate strong brilliant players. Mia Sage has the temperament, knowledge, and skills to create alignment between various disciplines.


According to legendary Chinese General Sun Tzu, no leader can win without creating harmony in the army. The same holds true for business. The spirit of the leader must pervade the entire system so that team spirit can appear.


You achieve superior teamwork by discerning your true nature and by understanding human dynamics. Mia Sage's exceptional receptivity inspires unexpected solutions and innovative options that would otherwise lie dormant.


When partnerships break down, the cost is beyond calculation. When the marriage of a power couple dissolves, the impact on the business and the family spells disaster. Great companies that merge gain financial benefits that can easily be lost due to complex cultural issues. Misunderstandings destroy even the most carefully constructed designs.


Mia works with top leaders to provide navigational strategies they need to achieve great undertakings. She has a gift for bringing harmony to partners, teams, organizations, marriages, and family businesses.

Harmony in partnership is the very essence of my being. My personal mission is to create prosperous global communities with men and women who value partnership, entrepreneurship and leadership. To that end I  co-created Sage University to educate entrepreneurs, and launched Sage Innovations to provide "radar" for large corporations.


My aim is to recruit, train, and collaborate with elite men and women capable of achieving their goals and transforming their dreams into reality.