01. November 2017
Elon Musk is the Thomas Edison of our time. His team was obviously taken with Nicolai Tesla—associate and competitor of Thomas Edison. They branded their company TESLA. But Elon Musk’s achievements are on par with Edison, who perfected the light bulb, constructed the electric grid, and cofounded General Electric—a business to capitalize on his contribution. Musk doesn’t just invent new machines. He creates entirely new systems. His electric cars and trucks work because his teams have...
15. August 2017
Many of my friends have a dog to keep them company. On Ibiza you meet the dogs before you meet their people. Every day I see bulldogs, poodles, hounds and the occasional Chihuahua. As for me, I have my man.
28. July 2017
I arrived on Ibiza exactly 10 years ago with a couple of suitcases and a lot of faith. My Isla Bonita felt like home from the first moment. The folks here were skeptical. They never tired of telling me how no one makes it in the Balearics. Most of them are gone now. I am just getting started. One decade on I have written several books, created an international business, and assisted many of you to live your dreams. Sage University has grown into a global university for free agent entrepreneurs....
30. June 2017
Instinctive curiosity is the sweetest, deepest love available to humans. It is part and parcel of the joyous trait that every infant brings in to the world at birth.

Harmony in partnership is the very essence of my being. My personal mission is to create prosperous global communities with men and women who value partnership, entrepreneurship and leadership. To that end I  co-created Sage University to educate entrepreneurs, and launched Sage Innovations to provide "radar" for large corporations.


My aim is to recruit, train, and collaborate with elite men and women capable of achieving their goals and transforming their dreams into reality.